Terrell’s Breakfast Excursion to Watts

Terrell had an off-day from school so I decided to treat him to breakfast at the famous Watts Coffee House.  It is located on 103rd Street & Wilmington Ave. inside the building which use to house the Mafundi Institute that was created from the 1965 Watts Riots.

Watts is a working-class community with South Los Angeles.  Contrary to popular belief it is located within very specific boundaries:  West – Central Avenue, East – Alameda, South – Imperial Highway and North -Firestone.  The community is like a chamelion as it has changed over the years.  It was mostly white, then following World War II, African-Americans became the dominant ethic group, then during the 80’s Latinos became the dominant group as evidenced today.  However, African-American culture awareness remains popular.

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