George Floyd Reaction – Los Angeles Protest Day 12

Is the reaction to George Floyd’s murder a moment or a movement?  This is day 12 of the public’s reaction to his killing and the countless souls taken at the hands of law enforcement.    Based on what we are witnessing, history is being made as there appears no let-up in sight.

These scenes are from the spirited march and protest led by Cochran Baptist Church and their senior pastor, Charles Johnson.  Typical of the mid-city community the participants were extremely diverse.  The march stated on time and took off from the church on Cochran Avenue sandwiched between Pico and San Vicente Blvd.  The marchers headed north to San Vicente and headed west to Fairfax, making a quick left or southbound through “Little Ethopia.”  At Pico they swung back east and headed back to the church.  A very peaceful and productive assembly showcasing a basic human right; the ability to protest.


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