George Floyd Protest – Los Angeles Day 13

[Hollywood, CA]    As mentioned there seems to be no let-up in sight as protesters continued to allow their voices to be heard.  Today’s rally was sponsored by Black Lives Matter Los Angeles.  The event started adjacent the iconic Capitol Records on Vine Street.  As the march started  it quickly turned west and headed down Yucca, eventually making its way back on Hollywood Blvd.  It paused at Hollywood & Highland Blvd. as various speech were made.  Once you are in events like this you never realize how big it morphs.  The media reported the crowd at 20,000 plus.  Here is a photo essay of today’s historic event.

Is this a moment or a movement?  From what we are seeing with our own eyes regardless of your position on the issue, from what I have been able to capture it appears to be a movement.

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  1. Thanks. It’s always nice of you to keep a brother updated on current issues,

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