West Adams scenes

West Adams is an iconic community in Los Angeles. It is approximately three miles southwest from downtown. As Los Angeles was developing, particularly at the turn of the century many business magnets needed residences close to their businesses. Hence, the large mansions, picturesque Victorians and other popular architecture of that era. Technically the community is relatively small even though some have taken great liberty to expand the historically-correct boundaries to fit whatever narrative they are communicating. I will be somewhat generous and expand the western boundary but for the most part West Adams is: Eastern boundary – Normandie Avenue, Western boundary – La Brea Avenue, Northern boundary – Washington Boulevard and Southern boundary – Jefferson Avenue.

I have lived at the epicenter of West Adams, which is two blocks from Western Avenue and Adams Boulevard for forty-five years. Like many communities it has it ups and downs. Currently there is a renaissance in the community basically due to its proximity. These are few of the scenes of West Adams. Please check this site periodically as from time to time I will be inserted additional photos.

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