Strolling through Leimert Park

Leimert Park is a community located in South Los Angeles and the heartbeat of its African-American residents. The action captured in these shots, especially on the weekends is common as people from all walks of life come to witness it for themselves.

Leimert Park is spontaneous action. As you stroll into the village you never know what await you. Today some drummers and dancers were in action. The beat was harmonious and the spirit was vibrant. The Boulevard sign which highlights Leimert Park and Richard Fulton is priceless. I met Richard in the early 1990’s. He had just opened up shop and use to spin jazz LP’s. 43rd was practically vacant and the park across the street had been taken over by those with all sorts of social ills. Richard was determined to spark new life into the village. Single-handedly he opened up the fledgling “5th Street Dick’s.” Even though outdoor dining/seating was pretty common. Those familiar with ‘hood life know that was not the reality, especially in Leimert Park. Richard was a trailblazer. He started putting tables and chairs on the sidewalk. He even had the gall to allow folk to start playing dominoes, checkers or whatever they desired. The popularity was incredible and he even started hosting regional tournaments. Richard was simply his own man. Those merchants who ran businesses before he arrived appeared to be satisfied with mediocrity. That was not Richard…..each day he opened something new was being trailblazed. As his health started to wane you hoped he could hang on. Once he passed the village lost a visionary, a leader, a person who loved people.

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