Drone shots (general)

My current Drone (and hopefully last for a while) as after six weeks of solid testing, the DJI Mavic Air 2 does a professional job of what I am seeking and need.


OK, so I’m pretty much set, at least for now. I’m on my 4th Drone because I have finally found a device that meets most of my current needs.


So, I’m on my third Drone headed for my 4th! Why? First of all I had none, if any clue what I was looking for other than I wanted to drone to complement my photography. Because I’m a newbie, I did not want to make a major investment ($500+) so I was looking for something in the middle. The first one was good but I was skeptical of the landing gear and the possible damage every time it landed. So it was returned. The next unit was outstanding and even though I have an updated smartphone it is not 5G capable. Sucks!!! So I returned it and purchased what I thought was perfect for my needs – the Potensic T-25. A great unit, although I am still nervous about losing it, even though the specs swear it will fly back to its home base. After meeting a fellow-Droner at Elysian Park while taking in some shots at Dodger Stadium I discovered the unit I really need is like the one he was using. Very sleek, however it has the ability to Zoom as well as provide flight information via the app. The only hiccup is those features require a 5G mobile device so it looks like I will need to upgrade my phone as well as Drone purchase price to be completely satisfied in investing in a unit that meets my needs. These shots will update so please check back frequently for newbies.

Drone Spheres

Drone Photos

Downtown Los Angeles from a different perspective – facing southwest

Drone Videos

(more to follow – check back frequently)

Camden Yard – Baltimore, MD – M & T Stadium and Orioles Park
Fells Point – Inner Harbor – Baltimore, MD

Downtown Los Angeles taken adjacent 3rd Street

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