Eastcoasttrekv2021 – Scenes from the Goodman League

[Anacostia, DC] If you’re in the District of Columbia stroll over to the Anacostia community in the backdrop of what was once the Barry Farms projects, the iconic Goodman outdoor basketball arena still stands. I was lucky to catch some semi-final games and while the play is decent, it is the cultural phenomenon that Goodman offers. Known as “inside the gates” it’s a community affair as right in the ‘hood as folk from all walks of life come out catch the play. There are even a small cadre who have coveted court side seats. In addition to competitive basketball the throng of spectators witness a professional operation with a camera crew, sound system with live DJ, the play by play offered by the one and only Miles Rawls who doubles as league commissioner. Plus, there are food vendors dishing out authentic soul food and other snacks popular in the African-American community. One last note, the place is so special you will see beverage vendors going stand to stand offering the likes of Gatorade, water and other goodies. I was able to catch two games so here are a few scenes from Sunday, August 28, 2021.

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