Using the Vivitar Wide Angle Macro 500mm 1000mm Lens

For a photographer, whether newbie or vet having a selection of lens is a must. About three years ago I picked up a telephoto lens with the goal to grab close-up shots taken from a distance. The lens is pretty straightforward and can be used with just about any DSLR camera. The initial shots were taken with my basic Canon Rebel T-5 from my garage roof-top. Others were added at street level and varied in distance from 30 yards to 3 city blocks and beyond. The lens is NOT suited for distances shorter than 30 yards or so, at the same time distances too far will loose clarity so with this lens you really need to experiment distance and settings to nab the ideal shot. A couple of important steps to grab the quality shots you are seeking:

  • Make sure the lens is clean.
  • Make sure you are using a tripod.
  • Make sure the coupler from the lens to your camera is properly attached.
  • Make sure your shots are taken in MANUAL mode.
  • When using the extender (1000m) make sure the inside lens is clean on both sides.
  • The focus is a two-step process. At the tip of the lens and in the middle (adjust light/darkness).
  • The telephoto does zoom in/out – you simply locate your subject and adjust focus accordingly.

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