Popotla – July trek

Popotla is a fishing port just south of Rosarito. During this trek, once we crossed the border and entered Mexico we headed to Rosarito for a quick snack. In between Rosarito and Popotla are some great Mexican ceramic shops so we grabbed a few items and headed south. Arriving in Popotla around 11:30AM to our surprise were boats still coming in from sea. We grabbed some of the fresh catch (Red Snapper, Grouper, Halibut & Lobster), had a great lunch and headed further south to Ensenada. From there we headed to Costco for some gas (91 at $4.25 p/gal) and Tequila.

Tip – If you wish to bring fresh fish from Mexico, it is allowed as long as it is properly cleaned and packaged. Assuming you are prepared and bring a small cooler, ziploc bags, you can purchase ice in the village. If not the cleaners will properly wrap it for you. We normally tip them 20-30 pesos ($2-$3) for the process.

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