International African-American Museum – Charleston, SC – some pics from my first visit

Our group of historians have been waiting several years for the International African-American Museum to open. We were geared up to be part of the inaugural group in Jan. 2023, only to be disappointed as the opening was postponed. No worries, as things do happen. We finally were able to wrap a visit as part of our annual EastCoast trek in late August. The museum is outstanding and worth a visit.

However, there were some noteworthy boneheads that I am sure in time will be part of the venue. You would have thought with the six months or so delay some basic details would have been ready to go when they opened July 2023. The gift shop was practically non-existent (although they did have a few items and lots of 4XXXX t-shirts You would think, especially in times of tight revenue creation how difficult it would have been to have items ready for the thirsty visitors to purchase? Another flaw was the lack of water, beverages, snacks, FOOD, although in fairness the cafe was being prepared for opening at a later time. Being a senior I am grateful to be in decent shape but felt for those with issues while trying to navigate their visit.

The museum is in a great location and easy to find. In time, it will be a top destination for those visiting the Charleston area. The exhibits offered are outstanding and stand in stark contrast to the antebellum interpretation that dominant the area. I plan to visit perhaps in 3-5 years when issues have been addressed and the venue is the jewel it is destined to become.

Also, as part of our journey to IAAM, we ventured several blocks to Mother Emmanuel AME Church and some pics are listed below.

Mother Emmanuel AME Church

General shots of Charleston

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