Original Audi TT Coupe

In the late 1990’s Audi revolutionized their lineup and introduced it’s first sport car. The Audi TT was born. I was on a spacial photography assignment in San Francisco and caught my first glimpse of the car. The design was new as there was nothing around to compare. As I headed back to Los Angeles the intrique caught fire so I decided to get serious about researching the car. Finally in January 2002 I decided to purchase the original model which launched in 2000. I found an independent sports car dealer in Redondo Beach and their price fit my budget. The good news is the vehicle was still under warranty so I was able to get to know the car and have the dealer (Rusnak Pasadena) knock out minor defections or issues which needed repair. The rest is history. The car was very unique and I stumbled across several Audi TT car clubs which allowed a better network to explore organized touring. I settled in with TTWest and for nearly years was able to tour western parts of the U.S.

The good news is the group continues however 2010 was the last year we were able to participate as our life took on new adventures.

2010 – Las Vegas & Southern Utah

2009 – Pacific Northwest


2008 – Grand Teton National Park & Yellowstone National Park


2007 – Ashland, OR

2006 – Durango, CO


2003 – Prescott, AZ

2002 – Las Vegas

2001 – Inaugural TTWest run – Nakoma Resort, Graeagle, CA


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