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  • Eastcoasttrek ’22

    These are some of the images of our recent Eastcoasttrek covering two countries, several states and several cities.

  • A Day Trip – Popotla, BC & beyond

    A Day Trip – Popotla, BC & beyond

    These are a few shots of the nice day trip we took to Popotla a fishing village which is a hidden gem in Baja California. While there we did a quick trek further south to Ensenda.

  • Venice Beach Skateboarders

    Venice Beach Skateboarders

    These are a few pics of the skateboarders performing at Venice Beach, CA. They were very athletic and showcased uncanny talent as they zipped up and down the skatepark.

  • Juneteenth ’21 Scenes at Leimert Park

    Juneteenth ’21 Scenes at Leimert Park

    [Leimert Park, CA June 19, 2021] In all of my years at Leimert Park I have never seen it so enthusiastically crowded. Yes, it could be the break in Covid, or a carry-over from last year’s worldwide outcry of George Floyd’s murder but across the globe this Juneteenth seemed a bit different. Leimert Park is […]

  • EastcoastTrekv2020


    2020 is a historic year. Even though this year’s trek appeared in jeopardy due to the Covid pandemic we decided to travel light to better manage the risk. The Covid was one issue but the international outcry over the Memorial Day murder of George Floyd added a new dimension. We started in Baltimore and after […]

  • CUBAtrekkv2020 – a photo essay

    CUBAtrekkv2020 – a photo essay

    Planning for this year’s trekk seemed pretty straightforward and easy to execute. Then COVID came marching into the equation. As in the past the trip was planned for immediately after Thanksgiving. That was abruptly canceled as my carrier COPA notified me that all flights to CUBA were canceled until further notice. I was then notified […]

  • Telephoto – Oct. 11, 2019

    Telephoto – Oct. 11, 2019

    Took the telephoto out today to capture some images.  One thing which is clear – the lens and filter needs a good cleaning.  Shots were captured in the West Adams and Arlington Heights communities, as well as beach shots and the famous Venice basketball courts. The telephoto goes up to 1,000 mm (with an extender) […]

  • Original Audi TT Coupe

    Original Audi TT Coupe

    In the late 1990’s Audi revolutionized their lineup and introduced it’s first sport car. The Audi TT was born. I was on a spacial photography assignment in San Francisco and caught my first glimpse of the car. The design was new as there was nothing around to compare. As I headed back to Los Angeles […]

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