Juneteenth ’21 Scenes at Leimert Park

[Leimert Park, CA June 19, 2021] In all of my years at Leimert Park I have never seen it so enthusiastically crowded. Yes, it could be the break in Covid, or a carry-over from last year’s worldwide outcry of George Floyd’s murder but across the globe this Juneteenth seemed a bit different.

Leimert Park is in south Los Angeles and a hallmark of the African-American experience. From my rough count, the crowd had swelled to 25,000 maybe 30,000 people or more. People were jammed in on 43rd Place, Degnan, 43rd Place, Leimert Blvd. and even Crenshaw Blvd. There were at least four entertainment stages and even the side streets were full of vendors and people partaking in Juneteenth ’21.

These are a few scenes from my lens.

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